Wood Boats

Disposable Wooden Serving Tray Boats

Bio and Chic has an array of disposable serving trays, but before your next celebration or family meal, think outside the box. Display an assortment of foods, gravies, dips, and more in one-of-a-kind serving boats. Go with wood for its attractive appearance and its ability to decompose naturally. Guests will praise your skills at hosting, serving, and creating a gorgeous tablescape.

Choose Biodegradable

Disposable serving trays are versatile, which is a bonus at any party. You never want to be stuck scrambling as you try to find something to hold an extra side dish or a dipping sauce. Set each place with a tray of its own, and keep them stacked in the corner in case anyone needs an extra. They're perfect for passing appetizers, as well!

Wooden serving boats have extra appeal. Highly durable and stunning with their natural wood grain appearance, you probably know of at least a dozen different things you could serve in these dishes. From french fries and ketchup to a scoop of mac and cheese or a gooey brownie, there are endless possibilities.

Use our wooden disposable plates for the main course, then serve up appetizers and treats effortlessly. Find a spot for every amuse-bouche and every side dish. Shop for disposable serving trays at Bio and Chic.