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Biodegradable Elegance

Our reusable skewers, as well as many of our other reusable products, are made from bamboo, which is renewable thanks to the fact that it grows an average of two feet or more per day. Not only is it 100% biodegradable, but the light wood adds a unique, natural element to your table.

Presentation Counts

Of course, everyone knows presentation is key to good food. Featured in our reusable tableware are our dim sum steamers, which are crafted from bamboo and even have an elegantly woven top. These are stack-able for storage and ideal for both transportation and presentation. This makes them great for caterers and party planners alike. Our mini fry baskets are also featured. Another fun way to present your culinary creations is our mini fryers, which are available in sturdy and reusable stainless steel. We also carry taco holders, bread baskets, and fry baskets. Or, to add some flair to the presentation of fried food, you could use one of our grease proof fryer bags. From eccentric and fun newspaper print to bright and colorful stripes, we have fryer bags to line various sized baskets.Whether it is a dim sum steamer, a mini fry basket, skewers or serving baskets, our products will give your dining table that highly sought after rustic elegance, while still being environmentally friendly

Reusable Dim Sum Fryers And Other Cookware From Bio & Chic

Bio & Chic offers disposable and reusable cookware that really stands out, such as dim sum steamers, mini fry baskets, skewers and serving baskets. Despite the delicious food you will be serving, these reusable tableware stand out, because our designs are specially crafted to bring out the classic look of bamboo and steel.