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Eco-Friendly To-Go Trays

Great for adding organized elegance to any table, our to-go trays, are made from plant materials, such as semi-reusable wood and bamboo. Some are even made from carefully pressed palm leaves. Because many of these products are biodegradable, they are great for the environment as well.

Elegant Strength

Our compartmentalized trays come in both rectangular and round shapes, keeping each dish separate and allowing guests to admire all the different foods at your catering event or party.

The soft, light wood and flexible bamboo out of which our to-go trays are made give them elegant lines while ensuring these trays are sturdy. Designed to be both recyclable and heavy duty, your guests can pack these trays with sandwiches, salads, and anything else you may be serving at your wedding reception or party.

Mobile Trays

These trays have corresponding lids that are sold separately. Not only does this allow your guests to take home leftovers, but they also come in handy if your party is outside or you simply want to protect the food and keep it warm. These lids are also eco-friendly, as they are made exclusively from cardboard and can be easily recycled.

We have various-sized to-go trays that range from 10 to 18 inches, so shop with Bio & Chic and rest assured your guests will be able to fill-up on everything you have to offer.