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Our elegant and eco-friendly wooden cutlery and bamboo utensils add a fresh, natural touch to any special gathering. Versatile, light, and strong, wooden and bamboo cutlery are designed to be disposable and biodegradable, but often our customers find they are simply too beautiful to throw away. Fortunately, our bamboo forks, spoons, knives, and serving instruments are especially durable so you can use them more than once.

The Best of Bamboo

Our cutlery is the perfect solution for eco-conscious caterers, small-business owners, and individuals looking for stylish and convenient alternatives to plastic. Bamboo, which is actually a form of grass that grows much faster than wood, can be harvested without killing the individual plant and without the use of pesticides.

Earth-Friendly Convenience

Our selection of disposable bamboo utensils also includes sets, serving tools, and display cutlery that can be used in many imaginative ways. For example, spoons can be delicate mini dishes for bite-sized hors d'oeuvres or food displays. Additionally, our wooden stirrer can mix up special cocktails or double as charming ice-cream samplers. Both of these were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and can be a beautiful addition to your celebration.

An Event To Remember

At Bio and Chic, we know you want every detail of your party to be perfect. Explore our diverse line of quality, Earth-conscious bamboo utensils and other catering cutlery to delight your guests and make sure they remember your event for years to come.