Food Boats

Bamboo Leaf




Eco-Friendly Food Boats

Use food boats as an alternative plate or serving dish. They're perfect for appetizers, whether you pass them formally or leave them on a tray for your guests to help themselves. Bio and Chic has a bevy of disposable food boats composed of various materials. Think about your menu and your decor aesthetic, then figure out which boat will serve you—and your guests—the best.

Pick Your Unique Serving Dishes

You can find food boats in any size you might need, from small 5-inch options to larger 8-inch containers. Go ahead and splurge if you think you might need more than one size. You'll get plenty of use out of these versatile pieces.

Bamboo boats are durable and solid, allowing them to hold heavier foods. Kraft paper boats are inexpensive, easy to dispose of, and perfect for lighter dishes, such as chips or fries. Want to create an unforgettable aesthetic? Opt for disposable food boats that look like they're made from newspapers. Talk about retro appeal!

Food boats are beneficial any time you have a party. Find the perfect design at Bio and Chic!