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Unique Macaroon Packaging From Bio & Chic

At Bio and Chic, we aim to create tableware and supplies for catering and baking that are all high-quality, unique, elegant, and eco-friendly. This is why we offer macaron solutions in the form of our macaron packaging, which are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Display Your Baking

Whether you need colorful macaron gift boxes that allow you to turn the macaroons on their side and display the buttercream filling or bamboo mini dishes that can be used to place several macaroons on tables for guests to eat at their leisure, you are guaranteed to find the perfect packaging for your delicate and delicious French treats at Bio and Chic.


Better still, our square or rectangular kray boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and have clear windows. Similarly, the inserts suggested to go with these boxes are created from clear plastic. Both of these display your baked goods in a way that will surely tempt customers, guests, family, or friends.

Not only can you choose from inserts and macron trays that can contain three, four, seven, or even up to 12 macaroons, but you can rest assured the plastic is safe. The plastics in our macaron packaging are either made from cornstarch or recyclable materials, which limits their environmental impact.

If you are looking for unique, elegant packaging or macaroon holders worthy of any European bakery, consider Bio and Chic’s selection for your next event or party!