Mini Takeout Containers

Disposable Takeout Containers

Eco-friendly and elegant, Bio and Chic’s mini takeout containers can be used in a wide variety of settings and are perfect for mini pizzas, mini burgers, wraps, sandwiches, soups, ice cream, and more. With a large selection of sizes, materials, and designs, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are an event planner looking for catering-specific disposable takeout containers, or a deli presenting samples of a new offering, products in this category range from mini slider boxes to small Kraft cups with lids and can be embellished and transformed to suit your setting, formal or casual.

Mouth-Watering Meals On The Go

Make transporting and serving cuisine in large quantities easy and enticing with our strong and sustainable disposable takeout containers. For example, our durable Buckaty Round To-go Bowls are the perfect choice if you need microwavable and freezable food storage that’s also grease and leak proof. Great for noodles, side salads, or a variety of finger foods, they are disposable and recyclable for earth-friendly convenience in an attractive cylindrical shape.

Additionally, add some colorful ribbon or your company logo to our white sugarcane bowl and serve up some hearty fall soup with style. With a well-fitting vented lid made especially for holding in liquids, your guests never have to worry about spilling the hot contents.

Customize and Create!

Think outside the box with Bio and Chic’s disposable takeout containers! While our mini round bamboo dishes are a stylish and chic option when you need mini takeout containers perfect for presenting sushi, appetizers, or even dessert, they can also be delightful table centerpieces holding candles or small party favors. Our versatile and attractive mini sugarcane cup, on the other hand, is the ultimate eco-conscious way to serve everything from the morning’s first hot coffee and small servings of soup to bundles of candy and ice-cream sundae toppings.

Send guests home with even more delicious food using our exclusive takeout containers!