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Our wholesale boxes for baked goods are made from paper that is 100% recyclable. Functional as well as fun, these typically come with a window lid, ideal for displaying colorful macaroons, cupcakes, muffins, or even a picnic lunch. Typically grease resistant and microwavable, these gift boxes for baked goods are a perfect choice for an environmentally conscious display.

Thinking Outside the Box

Our gift boxes for baked goods come in a range of shapes and colors. The colors available are natural brown, red, green, white, or clear. The shapes include square, rectangle, and even intriguing triangle designs, perfect for displaying a single wedge of cake. There’s a great design for every type of use, and some specifically store take-out food. Sizes vary from a single serve to large ones for pastries, and some options even have a leak-proof design.

Whatever function or party you’re catering, your guests won’t be able to resist your baked goods nestled into one of our wholesale boxes. Give your guests the treat of not only enjoying your baked goods, but seeing them displaying in a sleek and unique fashion. Shop our gorgeous range of gift boxes for baked goods on Bio & Chic today. You’re sure to find the ideal display box for your next culinary masterpiece.