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Bio & Chic Brings You Elegant Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

Bio & Chic specializes in eco-friendly dinnerware and disposable catering supplies that simply inspire. Featuring a range of plates, utensils, glasses, take-out boxes, and bakeware, our collection has something to excite caterers, party organizers, and even individuals at home. With our attention to detail, each piece effortlessly lends itself to a variety of occasions.

Take out packaging

Our sophisticated takeout boxes are available in a variety of styles and colors, ensuring that you will find the perfect containers for your next event. All takeout packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable and can be used to store sandwiches, burgers, or even salads.


Skewers & Skewer Displays

Our biodegradable bamboo skewers and party picks let you display your culinary creations with ease. Add a touch of elegance your guests, and the planet, are sure to love.

Unique & Elegant


From classic paper straws to bamboo plates in bulk, our eco-friendly dinnerware and disposable catering supplies are created with the environment in mind. Our products are disposable, and are often biodegradable and compostable. By taking advantage of plant-based materials that are usually discarded, we create tableware that can be admired, enjoyed, and safely disposed of.

Our elegant disposable dinnerware can be purchased in smaller bundles, giving you the option to purchase the perfect amount to suit your needs. Whether you prefer wooden plates or bamboo utensils, our products give any table setting that highly-sought charm you get from ceramic or porcelain tableware.

With free shipping on orders over $149.99, you can get all the quality, eco-friendly products you need for your next wedding or event from Bio & Chic. Shop today, and impress guests with a dining experience like no other. Additionally, if you have questions or concerns regarding shipping or any of our products, please contact our dedicated team during business hours by calling (201) 683-8664, or any time via email at