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Eco-Friendly Party Food Trays With Lids

Having a lid on your dish gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your platter is protected and won’t make a huge mess. Whether you’re preparing for a party and need to display food or cleaning up after an event is over and trying to package leftovers, our party food trays are a great way to easily handle any situation. At Bio and Chic, we have a variety of stylish and sustainable trays that come with lids.

You should be able to transport your food while also being eco-friendly and aware of the impact you’re having on the planet. We offer trays with lids in sustainable and recyclable materials including bamboo, recycled plastic, sugarcane, and wood. All of these options are durable enough to withstand being transported.

We believe in having party supplies and catering options that are both elegant and safe for the environment. So whatever the occasion may be, Bio and Chic has a tray to fit your needs.

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