Plastic Cones

Imagine serving up a visually gorgeous appetizer, snack, or dessert in elegant, clear plastic cones. Alternatively, if you want to provide your guests with wine and cocktails in disposable stemware, we have it all in our collection of quality plastic cones!

Square Cones for Serving

Larger cones and cups are ideal for serving a variety of desserts, dips, and other dishes. Nothing shows off the layers of a trifle or parfait like a crystal clear receptacle. The kicker is that smaller cones contain perfect portion sizes. Your guests can eat straight out of their containers and even personalize their toppings or dips.

Stemware for Spirits

Our clear plastic cones can hold any drink you can imagine, too. Forget solo cups and disposable glasses. From wine glasses to champagne flutes, Bio and Chic has all of the celebratory stemware you could ever need. Take cocktail hour up a notch with stunning martini glasses, as well!

Plastic cones can take your hosting game to the next level. Forget about washing glasses at the end of the evening. Don't worry about how to serve your lovely pudding or seven-layer salad. Just shop for our chic cones made of recyclable plastic.

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