Paper Cones

Paper French Fry Cones

At Bio and Chic, you can find a variety of paper food cones and stylish cone holders that are both practical and appealing. They put the 'fun' in “functional”, so choose eco-friendly, disposable paper food cones for your next gathering or catering job.

A Cone for Every Occasion

We bring french fry cones to the next level. For instance, we have sleek options with built-in cups to hold dips and sauces. Imagine serving fries, fresh veggie cuts, or homemade Dunkaroos in a no-muss container that has space for ketchup, ranch, or frosting. Choose from several styles that will fit nearly any theme, including black paper for more formal affairs, white paper for office parties or casual events, or Kraft paper for outdoor BBQs and family gatherings.

Throwing a party with a retro theme? Go with our newspaper print paper food cones. They're reminiscent of the homemade cones at your favorite Coney Islands and diners. Pick out grease-proof pieces from Bio and Chic for a fete that's easy to clean up after everyone goes home!

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