Mini Tasting Spoons

Mini Tasting Spoons

Of course, you can use small bamboo spoons, along with other eco-safe wooden utensils from Bio and Chic, the way they're designed to be used—as spoons—but they also make adorable serving dishes for tiny bites. Opt for traditional rounded shapes or go beyond the norm and serve your snacks on rectangular spoons. Pick out the perfect color for the event and the decor. Bio and Chic has an array of disposable bamboo spoons, as well as knives and miniature spreaders.

A Spectacular Spoonful

Display mini tasting spoons to serve any small bites. Present your guests with decadent amuse-bouches. Put together a mouthwatering appetizer teaser. Deep spoons are perfect for small tureens of soup, such as a cool summer borscht or a fruit soup. Enjoying a meal, whether it's a full course or a bite, depends on visual appeal as well as taste. That's why small bamboo spoons are top-notch vehicles for canapes and tasting bites.

Bio and Chic offers different colors to match your decor. Bamboo spoons in warm brown complement country-cool aesthetics and rustic-chic looks. For modern flair, go with black bamboo. It's sleek, but it also works well with vivid hues.

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