Mini Dishes

Disposable Mini Dishes

Tasting menus require tiny plates, but they're also the right size for finger foods, canapes, and amuse-bouches. Of course, they're also perfect for containing side dishes that don't have room on the main plate. Bio and Chic has a world of eye-catching designs available. Get ready to pick out disposable mini dishes that will highlight the delicious recipes you serve.

Elegance in Miniature

Every host loves disposable dishes, especially those that won’t harm the earth when you toss them out at the end of the event. You don't have to suffer a crisis of conscience when you get your dinnerware supplies from Bio and Chic, however. Our items feature biodegradable materials that decompose naturally. Nothing takes longer than a year.

Bear that in mind as you choose disposable mini dishes and tasting spoons for your mini delicacies. Serve parfaits and puddings in sleek plastic cups. Provide tiny pizzas displayed in miniature boxes. Delight your guests by passing out small forks to go with their tiny tapas. From small serving trays to miniature spreaders, we have a too-cute selection of mini dishes that pack a huge punch.

Head to Bio and Chic the next time you're in need of disposable dishes. Be creative and go mini with your dinnerware.