Mini Dishes with Lids

Mini Plastic Cups and Dishes with Lids

Whether you want your dishes to retain heat during transport or to easily pack up leftovers, mini plastic cups and dishes with firmly fitting lids are a must-have. Mini cups with lids reduce spills, they can safely contain both beverages and foods, and they allow your guests to effortlessly mingle at the party without making a mess of the space. Bio and Chic has a bevy of dishes and cups with covers that will amp up the appeal of your party.

Containers for Convenience

You can't deny the convenience of mini plastic cups. Safely store your parfaits, puddings, soups, and small salads. The lid will keep them fresh. You can pack up leftovers for guests or yourself, too. Side dishes, such as mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, are easily transportable in a plastic cup with its own cover!

In addition to mini cups with lids, we offer an array of covered options. Check out casserole containers with elegant handles that can hold substantial entrees and main dishes. The clear design will make it simple for you to identifying foods in the refrigerator and entice guests once everything is laid out on the serving tables. Plus, our small recyclable plastic pans do double-duty as serveware and can't-miss vessels for the leftovers. The classic black color of these products makes labeling easy.

Storing food is important before a dinner party or a large meal. Mini plastic cups and other containers with lids will help you to stay organized while preparing and serving the food. Get yours at Bio and Chic today.

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