Disposable Takeout Utensils



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Disposable Wood Takeout Utensils

Not only can Bio and Chic’s line of eco-friendly, disposable utensils add a touch of elegance to your wedding or event, they are perfect for your coffee shop, restaurant, church, home, or even break room.

Strong & Beautiful

Whether you are serving steak or salad, our sturdy and stylish takeout cutlery can handle any type of food, hot or cold. In fact, these are stronger than traditional materials, such as plastic, while being free of toxins. For example, our disposable bamboo utensils are inherently heat, odor, and stain resistant, and our FSC-certified, sustainably produced and harvested, disposable birch wood utensils won’t split or splinter.

So, even though their ability to be recycled or composted offers the convenience of a quick cleanup, you may decide these are too gorgeous and versatile to throw away and end up using them over and over again!

Life On-The-Go

Packing your healthy lunch for work tomorrow? Bring a set of takeout utensils, complete with a napkin, that will leave you feeling classy because of their elegant shape and wood grain. Last-minute catering request? Our stately and modern disposable wood utensils and catering tableware can be ordered in bulk with overnight shipping so you can deliver the unique, superior service that your clients have come to expect. Bio and Chic has everything you need to celebrate your occasion and add natural charm to any environment.


Our quality, eco-conscious cutlery can be used for traditional food service at parties, corporate events, or food delivery, but they can also add a touch of glamour in unexpected places. For example, tie one of our bamboo spoons to a jar of homemade bath salts and present it as a gift.

Make a statement with disposable bamboo utensils from Bio and Chic, and enjoy the soft feel and convenience!