Wood Cones

Innovative Wooden Food Cones

Mouth-watering appetizers create excitement and make catering easy for outdoor and cocktail events. Surprise and delight your guests by serving your appetizers and side dishes in earthy, biodegradable pine-leaf food cones.

Our cones withstand hot and cold foods equally well and won’t become soggy—so you can serve French fries, onion rings, and icy treats with confidence! They fit perfectly in our original metal cone holders for an elegant table display. After use, simply throw the cones in the garbage or on the compost pile and they will naturally break down in a short time.

Get Crafty with Wooden Cone Wreaths

If you have a flair for creativity, you’ll love our 50- and 100-pc packs of wooden food cones for craft projects. Our small and large size pine-leaf cones make magnificent wreaths and decorations and have even been featured in craft projects by Martha Stewart! For large projects or to make multiple wreaths, take advantage of our discounts for bulk purchases and save.

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Tableware for any Occasion

Bio and Chic’s eco-friendly tableware is thoroughly original. We believe sustainability should be elegant, and we make our products modern and stylish down to the last detail. Contact us to learn more about our innovative range and enjoy the beauty of our pine-leaf food cones and biodegradable tableware at your eco-event today!