Mini Plates

Small serving dishes bring convenience into the kitchen, dining room, or party space. Who wants to waste all of the full-size plates on appetizers, canapes, and side dishes? Bio and Chic has a variety of small disposable plates that are perfect for serving equally small portions. There's something cohesive and visually appealing about passing out hors d'oeuvres on tiny dishes. Check out our selection today!

Small Servings, Super-Sized Style

At any party or large gathering, you quickly end up with more dirty plates than you can handle, which explains why eco-friendly large and small disposable plates are more practical than traditional dinnerware. Whether you're serving sushi, a side of vegetables, or circulating delicious spring rolls, small plates are perfect.

Marvelous Materials

Discover mini plates made from a variety of eco-friendly materials. Choose what fits your aesthetic and decor. Clear plastic is clean and modern, as are sugarcane dishes. If you want a very earthy ambiance, go with biodegradable bamboo. Pick between regular dishes or something new, such as a leaf basket or a small tray ideal for heftier appetizers.

Host a fabulous party, do your part to conserve our ecosystem, and impress your friends and family with green serving dishes from Bio and Chic!