Lid Solutions

Takeout Food Containers with Lid Solutions

Our modern, chic, and disposable food containers with lids are the perfect solution for life on the go. Super versatile, Bio and Chic’s Kraft paper or wood boxes and round buckets can be mixed and matched to create the perfect ensemble for your lunch on-the-run or catered event. And because they are recyclable or biodegradable, cleaning up will be the easiest part of the night.

Add some natural charm to your next casual celebration with our graceful paper takeout food containers that come in a variety shapes and sizes. Display some colorful macarons, candies, or mixed nuts in the 5.5” Kray box with window lid, or entice your guests with an array of multi-hued cupcakes in the larger 7.1” square box with window lid. Diners won’t be able to resist dipping into the yummy treats and will be impressed with the subtle, yet classy, display. The lids will keep everything fresh until it’s time for dessert.

Better Together

This beautiful line of takeout food containers also pairs with our disposable lunch sets. You can fill up the containers with sandwiches, grilled chicken, salads, pasta, or sliced vegetables and not have to worry about grease, as all the boxes are leak resistant and suitable for hot and cold foods.

Of course, these delightful boxes can also be used for more than edible treats! Embellish them with paint, ribbons, or stickers and use them as creative and environmentally friendly gift boxes. The small 2.8” square box with window lid can also double as a party favor and place setting at your next sit-down soirée. Put a small memento inside with a tiny bag of chocolate-covered almonds, stencil each person’s name on the outside, and your friends and family will be impressed with the personalization and attention to detail.

The sky’s the limit with our versatile and high-quality disposable food containers with lids. Take a look at all of our dinnerware and catering supplies and see how Bio and Chic’s products easily lend themselves to a variety of occasions!